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Differences between "Simple Implant" and "Immediate Implant" and "Immediate loading implant"

Simple Implant

To correct the space of the lost tooth with Simple implant requires 2-3 months of healing after the dental implant being placed in the bone space The bone healing or what we call “osteointegrate” need 2-3 months then the patient will be ready for placing the crown onto the implant. By this time the implant will be strong enough to hold the force of the newly placed crown like natural tooth.

Immediate implant

The process includes extracting the tooth or several and replacing it right away. Damaged roots, cracked tooth, accidents and injuries are examples of cases that need immediate care and suitable for immediate implants. In addition, the dentist will evaluation the case and decide whether extraction and immediate replacement is suitable for the patient. Premolar area and front tooth area are usually suitable. The surgeon will evaluate whether patient is suited for placing on the new crown on implant right away or whether the patient should wait for 2 months for bone to heal (osteointegrate).

Immediately loading

This procedure means inserting the implant and putting crown on implant right away. This procedure requires very good bone condition. Usually suitable for cases that need front teeth replaced, or several teeth adjacent to each other replaced at the same time. The team will also evaluate the patients bone to see if it is strong enough for undergoing immediate loading implant loading. For immediate implant loading, patients will get their teeth placed onto the implant right away. However, the material used for the temporary should not be too hard, and the dentist must make sure the occlusion is perfect and won’t put too much pressure on the newly placed implants and the new bridge. After the procedure, patients can come back to replace the temporary with porcelain or zirconia crown, which is an incredibly strong material. This is to make sure the bone is strong and 100% healed around the implant and no pressure can damage it, making your new teeth as strong or even stronger than the teeth you were born with!

Anyway delayed loading is more predictable with incredibly high percent success due to ossiointegrate (bone healing)

Of course multi implants placement in good bone condition can also be successful but patients must be very careful for 2 months. Eating only healthy and soft food. This will require discipline. In which case the patient can consult with the dentist to see if their lifestyle fits with which procedure as well. Smokers, diabetic patients or patients with many systemic disease must make sure their health is within control.