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What are the differences between a "simple implant", "immediate Implant" and "immediate loading implant"

Simple Implant

To replace a missing tooth with a simple implant requires 2-3 months of healing after the dental implant has been placed in the jawbone. The subsequent bone healing, or what we call “osseointegration”, needs 2-3 months. After that, the patient will be ready to have the crown placed onto the implant. By this time, the implant will be strong enough to hold the force of the newly placed crown like a natural tooth.


The process includes extracting the damaged tooth and replacing it straight away. This may involve a single tooth or several teeth. Damaged roots, cracked teeth, accidents and injuries are examples of cases that need immediate care, and are suitable for immediate implants. The dentist will evaluate the case and decide whether extraction and immediate replacement is suitable for the patient. The premolar and incisor (‘front teeth’) are areas that are normally suitable. The surgeon will evaluate whether the new crown can be placed onto the implant during the initial visit, or whether the patient should wait for two months to allow the bone to heal (osseointegration).


This procedure means inserting the implant and placing the crown on the implant straight away. This procedure requires very good bone condition. An immediate loading implant is usually suitable in cases where the front teeth need to be replaced, or where several teeth adjacent to each other are replaced at the same time. The team will need to evaluate the patient’s jawbone to see if it’s strong enough to withstand the immediate loading implant.

The main advantage for the patient is that they will get their new teeth placed onto the implant straight away. However, the material used for the temporary crown should not be too hard, and the dentist must make sure the occlusion is perfect and won’t put too much pressure on the newly placed implants and the new bridge. After the procedure, patients can come back to replace the temporary crown with a porcelain or zirconia crown, which is an incredibly strong material and therefore ideally suited for dental implants. This waiting time is necessary to ensure the bone is strong and 100% healed around the implant, and no pressure can damage it – making your new teeth will be as strong or even stronger than the teeth you were born with!

Patients are evaluated on a case by case basis; however, delayed loading is more predictable with a very high success rate due to osseointegration (bone healing).

Of course, multi implants placement in cases where the jawbone is in good condition can also be successful, but patients must be very careful for the two months following the initial implantation. You should eat only healthy and soft foods during this time. This will require discipline. You can consult with the team here at Bangkok Dental Spa to make sure your lifestyle aligns well with the procedure. Smokers, diabetics or patients with any other chronic diseases must make sure their health is within control.