Letter from our patient

Thanks for everything Dr. Lily!

My first experience with Bangkok Dental Spa was in 2004 for a general check-up and teeth cleaning. During the check-up, Lily found two small cavities that she filled promptly and painlessly. From that time forward, on my annual trip to Thailand, I would always visit Bangkok Dental Spa for my yearly check- up and cleaning.  Not only was the service excellent and always professional, it was also much less expensive than dental services in Canada or the US. For the next three years, I never missed my annual check-up and cleaning.

In 2008, I chipped two front teeth on my porcelain bridge that I had from years before, and I was not prepared to replace the bridge with bone graphs and implants at that time. Fortunately, Lily installed a new bridge that spanned six teeth, and she also laser whitened all my natural teeth to match perfectly; again, the experience was pain-free, involved expert craftsmanship, and cost far less  than bridgework in North America.

As Professor Emeritus in the doctoral program at Niagara University, my job involves teaching research, and mentoring graduate students in a number of research topics. Therefore, it was only natural that I would research Thailand’s best dental facilities in 2019, before replacing my missing lower teeth and undergoing implant surgery to replace my upper denture. Bangkok Dental Spa was the overwhelming choice, so I booked appointments with Lily to make a lower denture for my missing bottom teeth and complete bone graph surgery and implants to replace the upper bridge. She also booked appointments for me in 6 months’ time to install the teeth on the implants.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit, and it was another two years before I was able to return to have my dental work completed.  Although I was frustrated with the airlines cancelling return flights that I had booked, Lily relieved any concerns that I may have had about not being able to complete the remaining dental work as she remained in constant communication with me and rebooked my dental appointments as needed.

It has been a long two years, but the wait was definitely worth it.  I am extremely appreciative of Lily’s patience, professionalism, and her wonderful sense of humor; her expert craftsmanship  has elevated dentistry to be both a science and an art form.  She has been there for me for every step of the way, from the initial x-rays, taking all the impressions, coordinating the lab work, and ensuring all went as planned before moving on to the final steps.  That being said, I think that Thailand’s tourism slogan “The Land of Smiles” should read “Thailand the Land of Smiles: Thanks in Large Part to the Bangkok Dental Spa” 

P.S.  true story- the most pain that I felt through the whole process was when I was positioned in the chair waiting for the work to begin and her assistant attempted tried to remove what she thought was a loose hair on my shirt- we all laughed after I shrugged and she realized in was a live chest hair that had pushed through my t-shirt.