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Dr. Lily - Founder

From the first day I founded Bangkok Dental Spa, I never knew that it would have come this far. Bangkok Dental Spa is proud to say that it has won the trust of patients around the world for more than 13 years and is looking forward for the many more years to come. We have built a community of patients who we can now call friends and family. We are so glad our patients believed in our service and never forget us over the decade. I am always so happy to see the familiar faces when they come around to visit. I am thankful for the patients that has been with us from the very beginning never stopped giving us support. We will always work to the best of our ability to return the loyalty you have given to us.

I never knew founding Bangkok Dental Spa would be one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life.

Dr lily bangkok dental spa

To me, it’s not just a dental clinic where I fix people’s teeth on a daily basis, but it’s a place where I can always look back and remember memorable stories that happened here over the years. I have had days where two patients with the same name and surname had appointments on the same day. Who would have thought a couple could fall in love at a dental clinic? Well it happened. I remember that two of my patients, from different countries, met at my clinic and fell in love. They ended up marrying each other. It’s amazing to think that all of this happened because patients from across the globe, somehow, stumbled upon us (could it been through Google, Facebook, or friend’s recommendation) and chose us over the thousands of clinics out there. People kept asking why I never stopped working for more than 37 years, for me, it’s more than dental service for patients, but it’s helping a friend achieve and beautiful smile. When patients write back, sharing how their lives has changed and I am grateful that I was part of their life story and that is the most rewarding feeling I could ever ask for.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Lily

Why Bangkok Dental Spa?

Bangkok Dental Spa pride ourselves as a one-stop-dental-service-provider who take care of all dental issues for our patients. We believe in a philosophy of only providing masterpiece dental plan and services for our patients. Our goal to provide the best dental service experience to only oversea patients remains true from day 1. Bangkok Dental Spa understand the effort our patients put into making a trip to Thailand for dental services, therefore, our highly qualified professionals and staff aim at spending a great amount of time to carefully plan and provide the most values for our patients in exchange for the effort and trust they have given us. Though walk-ins are mostly welcomed, our patients usually make appointment in advance. The practice encourages our patients to plan their schedule in Thailand effectively as they should find better use of their time on activities other than waiting excessively for getting a dental treatment.

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We are confident in our philosophy and practices as all are gearing toward giving the best dental experience to our patients. We assess our success by the number of patients return to us over the years. The record shows that more than 90 percent of our patients have returned to Bangkok Dental Spa. Most returns to just say “Hi” while they are on their second, third, or however much the number of visits to Thailand. Many return to get more work done as they are so pleased with the services previously received. However, a more important indicator of our success is the number of referrals our patients has made to their friends and family members. This only means one thing, and that is we have achieved the goal that we have set for ourselves, and that is to be the best dental care provider for our patients.


At Bangkok dental spa

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The founder

Doctor Kasama Aryatawong

Dr. Kasama

Implantology Dentist


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Walinski DDS

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Dr. Fred

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